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Take a tour of our production facility now to explore our custom energy infrastructure and service solutions.

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Tour our production facility

Brisbane Production Facility

Panel Wiring Clean Room

Boilermaker Area 1

Boilermaker Area 2

Tour our customised Factory built solutions

Communications Building

Substation 33/11kV - 33kV end

Substation 33/11kV - 11kV end

Switchroom - 11/22kV with Kitchenette

Switchroom Kitchenette

Switchroom 11/22kV

Control Room 66kV

About Energy Solutions

At Energy Solutions, we make it our business to grow your business.

Ergon Energy offers a wide range of manufacturing and high voltage (HV) diagnostic services across Australia and overseas through its specialist division Energy Solutions. Drawing on extensive experience and expertise in the energy industry, Energy Solutions provides a one-supplier solution for innovative energy products and services.

For more information, please view our website - energysolutions.com.au

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